Savita moves on

By Drum Digital
26 August 2013

Three months after TV presenter Vuyo Mbuli’s death, his estranged wife and alleged lover are coping in very different ways

It's Sunday evening, 18 August 2013. Behind the cream-white walls of a house in the Johannesburg suburb of Houghton Estate, it seems a “function” is taking place. About 15 top-range cars, including a Jaguar, an Audi A6 and several BMWs, are parked on the normally quiet streets.

A woman emerges with two teenage girls, each holding the handle of a large pot. They place the pot inside a blue Range Rover and go back inside. Remote control gates close firmly behind them.

This house belongs to Vuyo Mbuli’s widow, Savita.

After about 45 minutes the gates open again and cars drive out, stopping briefly as their occupants say goodbye. Judging by the jovial mood, it’s obvious that an event had taken place behind the high walls. By 8.30 pm few cars remain on the street and most of the guests have left.

Earlier, when DRUM visited Vuyo Mbuli’s family home in Pimville, Soweto, the house was empty and the gates were locked. A neighbour

indicated that the family had gone to Vuyo’s Houghton Estate home for a cleansing ceremony.

“In Nguni culture, a woman should mourn and wear black for about a year,” says poet and academic Professor Pitika Ntuli, who’s also a cultural expert. “Men are given three months, because they are weak.”

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