Scandal!’s Masechaba Moshoeshoe on being a mom

By Drum Digital
06 April 2011

SHE was so determined to have a baby before it was too late that she went out and found herself the right man to fulfill her dream. Now, almost 18 months later, Masechaba Moshoeshoe is beaming from ear to ear as she cuddles her treasure in her arms.

Much like Mmadika Molofe – the feisty journalist she plays in Scandal! – Masechaba knew what she wanted and she went out and got it. But when we meet her at a baby furniture store in Joburg, this 35-year-old mother is anything but hard core. In fact, cradling her angelic little Letlotlo, she is the perfect picture of peace."I'm loving motherhood," Masechaba says with a serene smile. "And I'm glad I waited so long to have a child because now I'm emotionally and psychologically ready."

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