Schoolyard stabbing victim laid to rest

By Drum Digital
06 November 2013

The funeral of the school boy who was stabbed to death in front of fellow pupils went on without a hitch.

On Saturday, police maintained a strong presence at the funeral of Bongani Nkabinde, 18, held at Jersey farm near Danhauser, Kwazulu Natal.

Nkabinde was murdered at Sizimele High School by a rival indlamu (a Zulu traditional dance) group that was resentful, reports said.

A video showing the Nkabinde being kicked, punched and stabbed to death went viral last week and caused public outrage.

Police presence was welcomed as there were fears that fights might ensue at the funeral. The community of Danhauser was enraged at the teachers for not acting during the fight and blamed the school for Nkabinde’s death.

Last week reports said concerned parents wanted the school to be shut.

Pupils say that Nkabinde was a member of Abaphumeleli dance group and they blamed jealousy for the murder. They said Nkabinde was a talented dancer and leader of his group, which had won most local dance competitions.

Speakers at the funeral hoped that Nkabinde’s death would be a lesson for the pupils to stop fighting in schools and focus on studying.

The mayor did not offer a solution to prevent another incident like this.

-Mxolisi Ndlovu

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