Scott Pilgrim vs The World

By Drum Digital
10 November 2010

Rating 4/5

Teen comedy. With Michael Cera, Alison Pill and Mark Webber.

Director: Edgar Wright. 13MLVS. Opens 13 November.

What’s it about?

He’s a cool guy who must choose between a girl called Knives and the amorous Ramona Flowers. But to win Ramona he must first outwit her seven weird boyfriends!

Who will enjoy it?

Streetwise dudes with a swing in their step, but also pimple-ridden geeks. This fun comedy will not only have you in stitches but get your hormones pumping. It’s perfect for when you need to forget exam stress and giggle at Scott’s weird ways and catastrophic attempts to rescue his damsel. He lives in a world of his own imagination and invites you in – but there are twists aplenty.

Round up your best buddies and make sure you see this cool teen escapade, even if you have to beg your parents to buy you a ticket and a box of popcorn. This flick means business!

Wait for DVD?

No. There’s no better way to take a break from exam stress than letting your hair down with this fun flick. It doesn’t make fun of teens but explains their angst–what it’s like surviving the complications of falling in love while battling spots and trying to pass your grade. And in the holidays you can enjoy it again on DVD.

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Popcorn facts

* Cera was in a relationship with actress Charlyne Yi.

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