Sebolai's lawyer pleads for leniency

By Drum Digital
18 February 2016

The lawyer of convicted murderer Donald Sebolai on Thursday asked the court to consider giving him a sentence lighter than the prescribed minimum of 15 years.

Thabang Mathopo told the court that the former Jozi FM DJ had a lot of responsibilities. He supported his three children, his parents and the children of his deceased sister.

Mathopo told the court that as a first time offender, he could be rehabilitated in a shorter space of time. He added that Sebolai had shown a great deal of remorse following the death of his girlfriend, Dolly Tshabalala.

He said Tshabalala's death was an "unfortunate occurrence" and that Sebolai had loved her.

His client was not a violent man and this was attested to by the mother of his child as well as Tshabalala's own mother.

Tshabalala was found lying in a pool of blood in Sebolai's Soweto flat in June 2014.

She had been stabbed in the pelvic area. The knife had severed a main artery and she bled to death.

Sebolai has maintained that he did not kill Tshabalala.

He claimed that she was stabbed as the two of them wrestled over a knife which she had used to stab him as she accused him of cheating.

Source: News24

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