SEE: This touching tribute to Ray Phiri will move you

By Drum Digital
13 July 2017

This open letter shows Ray Phiri's impact on many lives

The late veteran singer and musician Ray Phiri touched a lot of lives with not only his music but also his story. Many years ago Ray Phiri shared his story in DRUM magazine and that story liberated and saved DJ Fresh from depression and suicide.

Taking to his Instagram DJ Fresh penned a moving letter to Ray Phiri that tugged at our heartstrings and brought us close to tears. To realize that Ray Phiri was not only a music hero but a lifesaver is amazing.

Here's a look at DJ Fresh's moving tribute to the late great Bab'Ray Phiri:


#RipRayPhiri Dear Ray Phiri, Your sad passing does not sadden me as much as how I never got a chance (or maybe TOOK the chance) to thank you for saving me from teenage depression and suicidal thoughts. When I was 15 (and in boarding school) my mother left to go and study in the USA. I was devastated because she was the parent I was closest to. That I was always fighting with my dad, did not help. A month later by best friend's family relocated back home to Norway, obviously taking him with. That very Saturday night I broke up with the girl I was convinced was the love of my life (Loooong story, don't ask). All this happened within a space of 2 months and had me feeling alone and abandoned. I put on a brave face every single morning, all the while slowly slipping in what was a lonely, dark, hell. Most Break times were spent alone with my thoughts, and these gradually started being those of suicide. I was In a boarding house full of friends and crazy boys, but always ended up wallowing in self pity and loneliness. One day I picked up a copy of Drum magazine with you on the cover. You were one of my many idols whose music I played at school discos, so anything with you on the cover, I picked up and read. In this issue you spoke of how much of a recluse you were; about the loneliness that came with it; how despite all the fame, constant attention etc. there was still a loneliness/void! (Am paraphrasing) Reading how MY idol was going through what I was feeling, was all I needed to snap out of it and start embracing that there is a massive, bright future ahead of me, and suicide cant be an option. For some, that article was probably just another of many about you. For ME, it was the light / glimmer-nyana I needed when I felt alone and abandoned. Thank you , Bra Ray. I am eternally grateful, and glad I got to see you perform one last time, at the #AfricaDay concert at NASREC. Yours A fan since childhood

Pic: Murray Anderson-Ogle

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