SEE: What it's like being Kenny Kunene's child

By Misha Solanga
24 July 2017

We all know how Kenny Kunene aka Sushi King can be extravagant and splurge on designer brands and expensive parties which is what we came to know about the business man. Now though, the father of four is spending his paper on designer baby clothes and accessories for the latest addition to is clan.

Remo Mokgethwa Kunene is the Sushi Kings' fourth child and Whitney's first. Kunene told WeeklyXpose when his son was born that he was grateful to be a part of the pregnancy and birth of his youngest because in the past "Circumstances deprived me of an opportunity to be part of my three children’s birth and infancy, and this has always made me feel bad. The birth of Remo, gives me an excellent opportunity to correct this. It’s an opportunity I have grabbed with both hands.”

The 10 week old baby has an Instagram following of of over 6000 people and Kunene shares his sons pricey little outfits and how much they love thier little boy.

See some of Remo's not so affordable clothes and baby accessories.

Like father, like son neh?

Is that Young Versace?

Add a Louis Vuitton blanket for good measure.

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