SEE: Why this mom from Kagiso is #Superwoman

By Misha Solanga
11 July 2017

Violet Maleka, 43 is a wonder woman

Children often refer to their parents as their superheroes and grow up with those thoughts for the longest of times but they rarely get to see their heroes in action.

Three children got to see their mother be true to her superhero status when she rescued them from a fire.

Violet Maleka, a 43 year wonder woman, with the help of the community rescued her three kids from her burning house. The family was watching soapies on TV when Violet heard footsteps outside her house.

“Then suddenly I heard screams for help from my 17-year-old daughter. We were all shocked to see a fire in the kitchen. We were trapped in the bedroom and started screaming for help. Luckily our neighbours heard us and swiftly responded.”

The house was allegedly petrol bombed by Violet’s ex-lover and she could not believe that someone she loved dearly could do that to her and her kids.

Kagiso Police spokesperson told Daily Sun that a 49 year old suspect has been arrested and will be charged with attempted murder and arson.

He’s been charged with arson and attempted murder. He’s expected to appearance at the Kagiso Magistrate Court soon,” he said.

Violet is now at home nursing burn wounds from the fire while her six-year-old daughter is still in hospital. Her other two kids, aged 14 and 17, suffered minor injuries. Violet is truly a super woman and is officially our #WomanCrush for this week.

Source: Daily Sun.

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