SEE: Why we celebrating Carol Bouwer

By Drum Digital
31 May 2017

She has been consistent over the years

Business woman, media broadcaster and personality Carol Bouwer seems to embody what the late Whitney Houston meant when she said "I'm Every Woman'. Carol is not only a successful business woman, she is a mother, wife, philanthropist and a great encourager and cheer leader for other people's and especially women's success and gifts. For these many reasons and also because she has managed to keep herself looking great through out the years, she is our Woman Crush Wednesday.

Here's a look at some of our favorite posts from Carol's Instagram Page;


Flash back Friday! I feel so cool just writing that?? Allow me please to recognise the men and women who toil with hardly any desire for recognition or glory but simply because they care about the well-being of our children and indeed our communities at large! For many years as an Amy Biehl Foundation board member I got to see the incredible impact one can make in our communities through dedication, passion and care! When you help because you care not for glory and praise, the reward is in the honour to serve, nothing more! This morning I wish to commend the team at UNICEF South Africa for the hard work they continue to do with passion and patience but most importantly I wish to remind all my friends that we each have a role to play to ensure the safety of children, women and the vulnerable in our communities! Karabo's passing should not be in vain- yes we are enraged but that should propel us into action! Hearing the statistics chilled the blood coursing through my veins! 1 in 3 women in Zimbabwe experiencing rape should not happen on our watch! 1 in 5 women in South Africa experiencing rape should equally not be tolerated! Herve Ludovic de Lys, I honour you for your leadership, dedication and vision, @sandrabisin your tears at hearing UNICEF Global ambassador Priyanka Chopra share these stats could not hide your innate desire to make sure every child mattered and was protected, Marissa, @verushen_a , Sudeshan, I cannot name you all but please know that it is my honour and privilege to support you @unicef_southafrica Keep at it- we are firmly behind you ????


Dear Basetsana, As host of Ms World in Africa for M-Net, my task was to spend the day with you and create a beautiful narrative of a day in the life of a newly crowned Ms SA crown bearer! I had just returned from the Seychelles which was my last stop en route to finally interview my very own Ms SA! The crew and I couldn't wait! We arrived at your Rosebank suite early and you were already in your make up chair... Upon realizing I was just going to do lipstick and a quick wardrobe change- you insisted I get equally beautified! Your first appointment was with a true giant- Madiba and upon arrival at Union Buildings when Mama Mary Mxadana took you through and as I stood aside to report to camera on that encounter, you pulled me in to meet him for the first time! OMG! I won't go on too long but suffice to say the day was long and memorable in the most beautiful way. What you did in the evening when we filmed the dinner scene taught me a lot about being a host! Life long lesson! You realised that my then wardrobe sponsors had neglected to add an evening dress and you raided your wardrobe and insisted I choose first before you decided what to wear- a little black number! Everyone still talks about how you made the cameras stop rolling at the Mbokodo Awards last year so you could "fix my crown" - a moving moment which speaks to your generosity of heart and your beautiful caring soul! As you celebrate today's beautiful gift of life, I celebrate a beautiful girl who has lived life joyfully, with generosity, elegance, love, a great sense of occasion but most of all I celebrate your love for your family- immediate and extended, I celebrate the many careers I have watched you support, I celebrate your love of life and your commitment to living everyday fully as if it were your last! Thank you for making me less shy ??(only you will know what that means) Bassie your physical beauty won you the Miss South Africa crown- but your heart and soul won you South African hearts???? A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHILD??


As we mark Africa Day, I wish to celebrate the many ambassadors of African excellence who have partnered with us as we expose the very best of who we are to the world! For me the African Odyssey is about having one of the most important voices of fashion in one of the capitals of fashion in the world come and experience what we call the best of Africa! We cannot continue to be consumers without producing my brothers and sisters! Africa we are one billion strong, let us transact with one another! Let us beneficiate our minerals and then export them! Let us assist one another in realizing the bigger dream which we know can't be attained without unity? join us @theafricanodyssey on June 16th as we start a revolutionary international women's movement together with the vivacious, dynamic, smart and gorgeous RockMom @juneambrose together with a panel of experts to be revealed through @theafricanodyssey and @vividluxury soon?????????@TaiboBacar ?@taibobacar #mozambicandesigner #rockmom #juneambroseafricanodyssey #salovesjuneambrose #womensupportingwomen #destiny #unicefsa #unwomen #edgarsuniteorangedaycampaign #lancomesa

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