Self-styled prophets must stop disgraceful conduct - ACDP

By Drum Digital
16 July 2015

Rev Meshoe called on other seasoned ministers to reprimand these individuals.

African Christian Democratic Party President, Rev Kenneth Meshoe, has called out on the 'men of God' who've recently been making headlines by the ludicrous things they make their congregants do in the name of miracles.

In a statement released by the ACDP on Wednesday, Rev Meshoe said that religious leaders and self-styled prophets who make their followers eat grass, snakes, hair, rats, and even drink petrol, are abusing the trust of their members and should be instructed to stop their disgraceful conduct immediately.

'What they are doing is wrong and is bordering on witchcraft and magic and should therefore be condemned in the strongest possible terms,' the statement said.

He said that what they are doing is for publicity and in turn it mocks Christianity.

'They seem to be seeking publicity in the wrong way and in the process are making a mockery of the Christian faith. How does making churchgoers strip off their clothes in church glorify God except to satisfy the lustful eyes of people who want to see naked women in church,' he said.

He called on other seasoned ministers to reprimand these individuals.

'I therefore call on all ministers of the gospel who have received theological training and have been in the ministry for more than 30 years, even before some of these self-styled prophets were born, to reprimand these out-of-order individuals who are making a mockery of the gospel of Jesus Christ.'

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