Selwyn's masturbation post rubs people the wrong way

By Drum Digital
07 April 2016

Rapper turned pastor, Selwyn’s sermon against porn and masturbation didn’t go down well with everybody.

Rapper turned pastor, Selwyn’s sermon against  porn and masturbation didn’t go down well with everybody.

Real name Selwyn Ngwenya, the pastor took to his social media profiles to speak out against what he calls a "tumor" - watching porn and masturbating.

 In his posts, the "Attention" rapper spoke on how pornography is a hindrance on your life and blessings and how "it strips you of your intelligence." 

  Watching Porn gets you addicted to masturbation. Masturbation has you believe when you ejaculate your body is released off tension. Whilst your Spirit is groaning and moaning for the violation of the demon of lust you have allowed in You have the power to violate and cratch your spirit with the claws of lust through porn. Porn is a very dangerous demon. You may take it light and make jokes about it and think nothing of it But wait till you see the horror of what it does to the delicacy of your Spirit being. Porn takes the Glory of God out of you. It strips you off your authority. It strips your mind off intelligence. Your language when you are amongst smart and sound people will be exposed through the lack of wisdom in your speech Porn eats your brain cells from making sound and intelligent decisions in everything you do. You will be forcing people to take you serious whilst to them you look like a joke. #pornography must fall #seed company #buried in Godly truth #leaders arise #real talk   A photo posted by Mr Selwyn (@mrselwynngwenya) on

Not everybody took a liking to his post, with some ridiculing him for his stance.

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