Sentencing of DJ Donald Sebolai continues

By Drum Digital
11 February 2016

The sentencing of convicted murderer Donald Sebolai will continue in the High Court sitting in Palm Ridge on Thursday.

Testifying in mitigation of sentence on Wednesday, his mother Elizabeth Sebolai-Selekane said she was still in shock.

"I did not believe it because since Donald was born, it was the first time in his life that he was arrested. I don't even recall neighbours coming over to bring complaints about him,” she said. In October last year, he was convicted of murdering Tshabalala in his Soweto flat in June 2014.

She was stabbed in the pelvic area, severing an artery. He let her bleed to death on his bed, instead of taking her to a hospital less than 1km away.

The former Jozi FM DJ, who hosted a gospel show every Thursday, then went on the run for eight days.

He has maintained that he did not kill Tshabalala, and that she was stabbed as the pair of them wrestled for a knife which she had used to cut his fingers.

Source: News24

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