Serial rapist found guilty

By Drum Digital
13 June 2012

A man was found guilty of eight counts of rape by the High Court in Pretoria on Tuesday.

Reginald Temana, 20, hid his face after being convicted on the eight charges, one of attempted rape, three of robbery with aggravating circumstances and five of theft.

The matter was postponed to July 12 for sentencing. Temana claimed his victims were part of his harem of girlfriends.

Judge Cynthia Pretorius found Temana had raped eight women and attempted to rape a ninth victim on a mountain in bushes near the Pretoria Zoo between October 2009 and March 2010.

All the women testified how the short, friendly Temana had attacked them after approaching them on the streets of Pretoria's central business district. He threatened and assaulted his victims, forced them into the bushes and raped them.

The youngest of his victims was 16. He robbed all the women of their cellphones and money. In one case he took his victim's shoes.

One of the women followed him into the mountain after he had grabbed her handbag on the street, but managed to escape after kicking Temana in the genitals when he tried to rape her.

His last victim was waiting for her boyfriend in the street, some time after Temana had raped her, when she saw him walking by. She alerted a group of taxi drivers who caught Temana and handed him to the police.

When police found her cellphone and money in his flat Temana claimed she was a disgruntled girlfriend.

Temana was linked to the seven rape victims through the DNA in his semen.

Most of the women pointed him out within seconds at police identity parades, with two of them telling the court they would never be able to wipe the memory of his face from their minds.

Many of his victims described a scar on his chest. Temana showed off his scar when he bared his chest in court.

Temana told the court he had slept with so many women he could not remember all their faces, but claimed he mostly had sex with women in his flat and had never been to the mountain.

He could not explain why his victims, who did not know each other, all testified that he had raped them on the mountain.

When confronted with the DNA test results, he answered there "was nothing he could say".

Judge Pretorius said none of the witnesses had any doubt it was Temana who had raped them and she had no hesitation in accepting their evidence.

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