Setting up a pretty baby room affordably

By Drum Digital
20 April 2014

Has the time come for your little one to move to their own room? You don’t need to spend a fortune to create an attractive baby room. SuperMom and Checkers’ practical tips will have you and your baby cooing at the ease of it all.

Is it time for baby to get their own room in the house? A spare room can be transformed into a cheerful space with little effort and money.

Choose a colour

Using colour is the quickest and most inexpensive way to create a baby room. When your baby has outgrown this phase, you can again get going with paint while retaining the existing accessories.

Old and lovely

You don’t have to get new furniture. We bought a second-hand baby bed and painted it a fun colour. Use enamel paint with a water base – it’s odourless and safe for baby. The bed was bought on Gumtree but also have a look at and

Safety first

Remember babies develop quickly and love exploring their environment. So take a close look at the new room to make sure there are no dangers lurking.

Ways to make baby’s room a safe space

  • Store toys in containers and baskets to prevent anyone falling over them.
  • Use safety plugs in all power points – small fingers and toys can find their way there when no one’s looking.
  • Use a doorstop to prevent fingers being slammed in the door.
  • Put safety covers on table corners and shelves or install them out of your baby’s reach.

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-Shelly Bergh

Pictures: Megan Miller

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