Sex after marriage - What you need to know

By Drum Digital
14 January 2015

Here are some things you may or may not have known about sex when you're married.

Whether you "save yourself" for the love of your life or you and your partner have enjoyed intimacy from early into your relationship, sex with your spouse has an added energy to it.

Here are some things you may or may not have known about sex when you're married:

It's better when you talk about it

Whether it's discussing the things you love having him or he do between the sheets or the uncomfortable act of sharing what you're not particularly into, communication about all things intimate is an absolute must. The security that comes with knowing you;re speaking to your life partner certainly helps.

Experimenting is essential

Being with one person for a lifetime is a huge commitment. As with anything, monotony can zap the excitement out of an anything. Make an effort to keep the thrill in the bedroom up, maybe it'll take having sex in places other than the bedroom to do that. Why not?

Your sex life will change

This is a reality that doesn't necessarily have to be negative, as long as it's embraced. Women's sexual lives are said to peak as they age so things may actually get steamier. The key is to avoid trying to keep everything the exact same way it was when you were both years younger.

You have a lifetime to change the rules as you go

And you have a ride-or-die to have plenty do-overs with. Have fun!

Source: EBONY

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