Sexpo: Taking sex out of the box

By Drum Digital
25 September 2014

Corporal punishment might be outlawed in South Africa but used in the bedroom it could result in amazing pleasures and thrills.

Picture this: A woman strapped to a spiderweb metal frame, a man with whip in hand slowly caressing her body and slowly whipping her while undressing her.

The whip is put away and then suddenly a shiny metal tip is slowly moving around her back, meticulously moving to the arm and stopping by the throat.

The man then wraps one arm around her and holds her tight. The shiny knife then gets twisted around her throat. He does not stab her but rather teases her. She groans and moans as he whispers sweet nothings into her ear.

This is not a script from a porn movie but just one of the shows at the 2014 Sexpo at the Gallagher Estate in Midrand.

The bondage show at the Kinx Lounge will have those who like being kinky in awe as demonstrations are carried out. If the show gets a bit intense for you, there is a body piercing section within the lounge.

If that sounds a bit too much to handle, the next lounge will certainly have you drooling in many ways. Strippers and alcohol await you should you visit the Teazers lounge.

Strippers in skimpy outfits and pole dancing will keep you entertained. Fear not, it does not end with you watching from afar. You can touch, get a lap dance and even a private dance show, but you will have to pay for that.

Teazers manager Andy Smith said guests would be treated to a show to remember.

"People can expect to get dirty dancing, a stage show and a private show. The ticket for the show will allow them entry into the lounge but they will, however, have to pay for whatever show they get," she said.

Walking around the venue, guests will meet women wearing bikinis and men walking around in their underwear and exposing their ripped bodies.

The many stalls at the expo will cater for any need. Sex toys, leather underwear, and handcuffs are just some of the toys available.

Food lovers are also catered for. There are cakes and biscuits in the shape of a penis.

On this topic, you would be doing yourself an injustice if you left the Sexpo without seeing Pricasso in action.

You are most probably wondering who that is. He is a man who paints with his penis. Let it sink in, yes, he uses his penis to paint portraits.

After sitting down, he takes off his pink leather jacket and leather jock strap. He then uses a hairdryer to warm up his "brush" before beginning to paint.

"I have been doing this for 10 years," he explains as he whips his penis onto a canvas.

With a large group of spectators watching, he explains that not everyone is amused by his unique talent.

"The guys make silly comments such as I should get a bigger brush to paint with. Some people ask me if it still works and if it gets sore. The women really appreciate what I do," he said.

Pricasso, who charges R300 for a portrait, said he does 20 paintings a day. He uses both his penis and backside to complete his artworks.

The expo certainly has anything and everything imaginable to spice up the bedroom. This year's expo will also see American celebrity couple Coco and Ice T making an appearance.

Source : Sapa

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