S’fiso finally finds his dad

By Drum Digital
04 August 2010

HE SEEMED to have it all – a beautiful wife, two adorable boys, a grand seaside home in Durban and a career that was going from strength to strength. But despite all these blessings one of gospel’s favourite sons longed for something more: to meet the man who abandoned him when he was just two weeks old.

Now S’fiso Ncwane’s dream has finally come true. After years of wondering why God was taking so long to fulfil his wish the 31-year-old gospel star has met his father, David Wewe Zikhali.The S’fiso who walks into the Protea Hotel Parktonian in Braamfontein, Jozi, looks a bit different from when we last saw him (Our perfect family life, 15 April). He has an extra spring in his step and looks suave in black slacks, a crisp white shirt, a black suede and leather jacket, patent leather shoes and Armani shades.

He can barely believe he’s finally found his father after starting his search publically eight years ago. “I tried everything to find him,” the singer says, sipping his rooibos tea. “When I couldn’t do it on my own I decided to involve the media.”

In every interview he mentioned he was looking for his dad and even put the message on his live DVDs to reach as many people as possible.

“But that’s when the trouble started,” he says shaking his head.

“In the beginning I was hopeful I would find my dad because so many people contacted me. However, most of them were chancers looking for a free ticket to the good life,” he adds.

Still, he didn’t give up hope – he was determined to find his dad no matter how many people lied to him in the process.

Growing up without a father was hard for the young S’fiso – especially because in a way he lost his mother at the same time.

“After he left us my mother had to look for work to take care of me,” he says. “She left me with my aunt while she worked and sent money and came to visit when she could.”

Money was tight and there was very little to eat in their sparse home in Mthwalume, South KwaZulu-Natal. “Sometimes all we had was a bowl of rice with chillies and pap and a bit of water or milk when we were lucky.”

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