Sfiso's love child drama

By Drum Digital
24 November 2010

THEY hid it so well. No one who watched the trendilydressed couple walk down the red carpet at the Crown Gospel Awards in Durban recently would’ve guessed they were going through the biggest challenge of their three-year marriage.

Beaming and holding hands, gospel star Sfiso Ncwane and his wife, Ayanda, later went onto the stage together to accept his awards for Best Gospel Song and Best Male Gospel Artist, two of the biggest accolades of the night. And as he thanked God, his fans and his beautiful wife, he didn’t show the slightest sign that the image he’s worked so hard to cultivate – that of a respectable gospel singer, loving husband and doting father to sons Ngcweti (7) and Umawenzokuhle (2) – was crumbling.The wheels began to come off when two Durban women came forward to allege that Sfiso (31) had fathered their children, a 12- year-old girl and a seven-year-old boy. The women also claimed he’d refused to acknowledge the children as his or to pay maintenance. Now it’s emerged that Sfiso has another child, a 10-year-old girl he’s taking care of but has never spoken about.

These claims have opened a can of worms for the singer, who’s at the top of his career in a booming industry. His fans are shocked and dismayed. Is this the same Sfiso, their role model who made headlines in August this year when he finally found his own father who’d abandoned him and his mother when he was just two weeks old?

At the time Sfiso spoke emotionally about the pain of growing up without a dad and his joy at being reunited with David Zikhali after more than 30 years. “I’m like everyone else who has a father and a mother now,” he told DRUM (I found my dad, 12 August). Now he’s accused of behaving just like his dad.

As gossip continues to swirl, Sfiso invited DRUM into his elegant apartment on Durban’s Waterfront to talk about this stain on his previously untainted name. He’s also willing to answer a few hard questions about his past - and all the while his wife is never far from his side.

This soap opera-like tale of love and deception began to unfold in May this year when a woman named Nelisiwe Mzelemu (31) went to a Durban newspaper alleging Sfiso had fathered her daughter, Nqobile (12), during a brief fling. Nelisiwe, who lives in the Durban squatter camp of Jamaica, said she wanted Sfiso to finally acknowledge the child, now that she was nearly a teenager, and to pay maintenance regularly.

Read the full article in DRUM of 2 December 2010

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