‘Sharon D’ says discipline is the key to acting

By Drum Digital
10 March 2017

After more than 30 years in the acting industry, Linda Sebezo has slayed more acting jobs than fans can imagine.

DRUM caught up with her and she was more than willing to speak about her experience and what keeps her going:

You are on Greed & Desire, tell us more about your character as Sharon D.

“My character is not that of a gold-digger per se, but of a mother who is very protective when it comes to her family. Sharon D doesn’t want history to repeat itself. She comes from a poor background so when she sees someone rich, she always thinks it could work. So it always seems as if she’s teaches her children but she is just tired of the RDP houses.”

What was some of the highlights of your career?

Though I’ve had challenging gig, especially in theatre, I like the Sharon D character. But there are too many of them roles I liked. The roles are usually similar because producers see you on a show and whenever other shows are looking for such roles, you get them.”

How do you deal with the challenges the roles give you?

“I have theatrical experience and you never go wrong with preparing. I don’t run away, I tell myself that it’s coming and let me grab it. I practice at home, direct and criticise myself alone. When the director comes, I already know what I’m doing.”

What else do you when you’re not acting?

“I’m a director. The reason why many always say I act as if there are no cameras I because I own any character I get. I direct the late Gibson Kente’s shows, though there has been a financial problem for the past three years.”

Since you’ve been an actress for more than 30 years, what advice would you give to aspiring actors?

“My advice would be that there is nothing that beats discipline. Discipline is everything. I never went to school for it but I was told by Gibson Kente to be disciplined because now these kids have qualifications for the job. They must be good listeners.”

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