Shashi Naidoo speaks on her trauma

By Drum Digital
26 September 2014

Model, entrepreneur and media personality Shashi Naidoo speaks on her traumatic experience, having an intruder attack and try to rape her.

Speaking to Heat magazine, Shashi explains how the incident on September 14 unfolded: “I didn’t have any plans on the Saturday night so I decided to have an early one and go to bed at 8.30pm. I also had a friend staying with me at the time and he was out, so I didn’t want to switch on the alarm until he got home… My air conditioner was broken so I decided to sleep with my sliding door open.”

“When I woke up in the middle of the night, at about 1am, there was a guy on top of me and he had me in a chokehold, pulling down my underwear. He was trying to rape me,” she continues.

“People always say that I’m tenacious and I’m a fighter, but that night I realised that I really am a fighter. I bit, scratched, and fought as hard as I could.”

Shashi managed to escape and ran to another bedroom, where she pressed the panic button.

The intruder made off with three cell phones, her iPad and purse.

“There’s an emotional aspect and physical aspect,” Shashi says of her healing process.

“The bruises will heal, but I think it will take a while to heal emotionally,” she explains.

Shashi has since laid a charge of theft and attempted rape.

DRUM wishes her a speedy recovery.

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