She plays too hard to get

By Drum Digital
15 March 2014

How can i coax her into bed without coming across as a thug?

Women like gentle and persuasive sweet-talking; perhaps with a little bit of edge thrown in just so she knows you’re not desperate.

Splendid sex is consensual – both of you must want it and agree to have it.

True consensual lovemaking is a memorable experience because there’s interaction with your partner and you feed and fire off each other’s responses.

Splendid sex is something given, not taken, from your girl.

Something enjoyed, not endured.

A true gentleman who respects his woman will look for ways to coax her into giving so he can share his passion and love with her.

Giving during lovemaking is something that will make you smile the next morning.

Just taking sex from your girl hurts psychologically and emotionally, and if it doesn’t there’s something wrong with you.

-Pic: OpinionNigeria

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