She was sick and tired of being a doormat! 5/5

By Drum Digital
02 December 2013

The only thing the hussy could safely brag about was that her breasts were bigger than her IQ. And all she had done was flash them at Moses who, like a besotted older man, had fallen for it.

How dare he do this to her, thought Brenda.

How dare he do this to the woman who had sacrificed so much for him.

Like a woman possessed, she grabbed the sledge hammer off the wall and brought it down on the Colt. She couldn't believe how good it felt.

This time it was she who laughed like a hyena, her cries echoing off the walls.

She drew in a long, satisfied breath and then assaulted the Mercedes with the intention of causing grievous bodily harm.

And she didn't stop until she had attacked every vehicle in the garage.

Three hours later she was finished. As she stood back and looked at the damage she smiled her first real smile in years.

She had poured sand into the engines, ripped the upholstery apart and damaged the bodywork beyond recognition.

Full of adrenaline, she rushed into the house and dug out some plastic refuse bags.

She threw some of his old stuff into them and anything else that she could find in the house.

She promised the guy at the second hand store a lorry load of bargains, and at 10 the next morning his truck removed every piece of furniture from the house as well as all the bric-a-brac she could find.

She got a surprisingly large amount of money for everything.

There was only one thing left now and that was his clothes.

She took a pair of scissors from her bag and cut all the sleeves and collars off his shirts and suits.

She could have sold them but she wanted to show him just how deeply his betrayal had hurt her.

She pinned the note she had found to his now torn expensive cashmere suit and laughed as she did so.

First thing the next morning she was up and ready to go. The sun was shining again and the pavements were sparkling clean after a downpour.

She felt much the same as she headed off to start a whole new life.

Suddenly she felt vigorous and young again. She all but danced to the taxi rank.

She couldn't remember feeling this good in years.

All Moses had left now were his cars ? and they were damaged goods, just like him

(The End)

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