"She won't make love to me"

By Drum Digital
06 March 2015

"She says she feels irritated by my touch and hates it so much."

Anonymous asks Sis Dolly:

"I am a man aged 35 and married to my wife 28 and we have two kids 6 and 3. My wife doesn’t want us to make love since 1st of January till now. We only made love twice and I will just forcing myself as she won’t respond. She doesn’t want me to touch her even when we are sleeping she puts the blanket between us so that we don’t come into contact.  She says she feels irritated by my touch and hates it so much.

I sometimes think of getting a hooker outside before I come to sleep because I feel something when I’m sleeping next her or just looking at her walking. But just because I love my wife, it is very hard for me to do such things. But when this continues, I will do it. When I try to talk to her, she becomes very aggressive and doesn’t want us to have a discussion concerning this matter.

Please what should I do? Go for the hookers or find another wife who will want to make love to me. Or is because she once mentioned that my penis was small and I then asked her that why is she mentioning this after all these years we have been married. Maybe she is having an affair."

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