She's not just "nagging"

By Drum Digital
10 December 2014

Many times behind an unhappy wife is an unengaged, unconscious, disconnected, or selfish husband.

Many times behind an unhappy wife is an unengaged, unconscious, disconnected, or selfish husband.

Here are some things you should look at doing before complaining about how negative your wife is:


Sometimes we aren’t spending any real quality time with our spouse or the children. It’s been months since you took her out on a date, it’s been weeks since you’ve kissed her or told her you love her. She’s starting to feel insecure and you haven’t done anything to reassure her.


You haven’t checked in with her to see if everything is okay, or to see what more you could be doing to meet her needs. Take some time to check in with her instead of remaining unconscious and then complaining to everyone else about her.


You haven’t touched her in months, you spend more time looking at the computer than looking at her. She feels like she is losing you because you seem so distant, yet when she asks you about it, you say everything is fine.


She has been serving you and your needs for years and all she really wants is some reciprocation.


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