She’s older

By Drum Digital
13 November 2015

My girlfriend is the same age as my older brother

I have a girlfriend and we have a child. I stress over the fact that she’s 26 and I’m 23. I love her. But she’s the same age as my older brother. SIMPHIWE, NORTH WEST

Sis Dolly answers:

Follow your heart, and stop worrying about what others may say about your relationship. A three-year gap means you’re just peers and have a lot in common. Even if she was much older than you, it boils down to how she makes you feel.

Do you think you can grow old with her? If she makes you the happiest man on Earth, I’d say: to hell with the prejudiced. For centuries it has been more acceptable for an older man to date a younger woman, but not the other way around. Luckily for you, this is changing. If love is supposed to be an ageless, timeless thing, then an age gap shouldn’t matter – particularly if the eyes you are looking with are those of a soul mate.

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