Shine Control

By Yolanda
16 September 2015

Understanding what causes shine:

The sheen that develops on your face by noon is actually oil or sebum, secreted by the sebaceous glands. This oil serves a good purpose – it prevents your skin from drying out or ageing prematurely – but it’s not great for your confidence! In hot summer weather, perspiration makes shine even more visible.

Tips on controlling shine:

  • Right range: Select products suitable for your skin type
  • Cleanse carefully: Cleanse twice daily, but don’t be tempted to scrub harshly or wash more often as this can stimulate oil production and shininess
  • Moisture Must: Avoid heavy creams and opt for a light oil-free moisturiser. Skipping moisturiser altogether is not a good idea as your skin will respond to dryness by simply producing more oil
  • Keep cool – stay out of direct sunlight and overheated environments as perspiration aggravates shine. And don’t stress!
  • Hands off – Avoid touching your face excessively as this can stimulate the oil glands and spread bacteria
  • Eat wisely - How you treat your whole body shows through on your skin. So, stick to a healthy diet that includes plenty of fresh food, and skip unnecessary oil and sugar.


Looking for a gentle skincare range for shiny skin?

The new JOHNSON’S® Oil Control range is specially formulated to help control shine for up to 8 hours¹. Enriched with skin-loving grapefruit and lemongrass extracts, the range helps control shine to keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful.

Cleanse: Twice daily, cleanse with JOHNSON’S® Oil Control Face Wash or Cleansing Bar to wash away excess oil and dirt and leave your feeling clean and fresh.

Moisturise: JOHNSON’S® Oil Control Facial Cream has a clinically tested, ultra-light and non-greasy formula that moisturises without leaving a white residue.

¹ Clinical grading/23 women/ up to 8 hours after a single use.

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