Ships that pass in the night 1/5

By Drum Digital
21 July 2014

Mmegi woke up beside a man who didn’t know her name

The first rays of sunrise shone through the gap between the thick blue curtains. Mmegi was awake instantly. She always woke at first light, nomatter where she was. No matter who was beside her. Mmegi turned to look at the man with her now. He was still fast asleep. His breathing was deep and peaceful. And yes, even in the half-light, he was still as handsome as she’d thought yesterday when they had first met. A good strong face, a proud forehead, a wide manly chin and the most beautiful eyes she’d ever come across in a man – though of course she couldn’t see them right this moment.

His eyes were still closed. She tried to remember: his name was Vusi, wasn’t it? Mmegi remembered asking him what his name was, late last night, just before she fell asleep. It seemed silly now that she had waited so long to ask. After all, they had been chatting for hours. “Vusi,” he had answered between yawns. “Good night, then. Sweet dreams.” Or had he said Vuyisile? Maybe even Vuso. Definitely Vu-something.

It was really bothering Mmegi now. For a moment, she was tempted to wake him up just so that she could know for sure. But he looked so peaceful. And anyway, she should make the most of this time: get to the bathroom and tidy herself up, wash her face, clean her teeth. Slowly and carefully, so she wouldn’t disturb him, Mmegi got up. She headed down the passage to the bathroom. As she splashed cold water onto her face and neatened up her hair, she suddenly realised: he didn’t know her name either! He hadn’t even asked. And how sad was that?

Maybe he wasn’t interested in her at all. Not in any real way. Mmegi had to be honest. She was the one who had gone to sit next to him yesterday even though there were plenty of places to sit. But she had taken one look at this handsome, well-built man with his dark eyes and she’d decided instantly it was the only place she wanted to be. “Is this seat taken?” she had asked. Just in case there was some wife or girlfriend hovering around somewhere. “No,” he said. “Feel free.”

To be continued...

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