Ships that pass in the night 3/5

By Drum Digital
30 July 2014

Mmegi woke up beside a man who didn’t know her name

“Still, I wouldn’t change my job for the entire world. At least I feel like I’m making a difference, no matter how small . . .” Mmegi was very impressed. He wasn’t only handsome, he was compassionate too. Who could ask for more? This was the kind of man she’d been waiting all her life to meet.

But she tried to act cool and calm. She definitely didn’t want to scare him off. True, he’d probably never be rich but, unlike her second youngest sister, Lesego, Mmegi was no gold-digger. “So?” he asked. “Do you have any other family? Other brothers or sisters besides the one in Maun married to her safari guide?”

Mmegi was pleased that he was asking, that he was speaking to her again. For a long while, there had been silence between them. In fact, he had turned away from her and was looking into the distance where the sun was slowly setting between the hills. She had pretended she didn’t care.

She had sat quietly smiling to herself as though she was thinking happy thoughts. But then, at last, he turned back to her and asked about her family. And he seemed really interested too. She didn’t tell him about Lesego, the gold-digger. The less said about her, the better. Lesego was already onto Husband Number Two because Husband Number One had lost his business in the recession.

Instead, Mmegi told him about her favourite sister, Thaboka, who had an exciting job at a radio station. She got to meet all sorts of interesting people: soapie stars, hiphop artists, local politicians! Thaboka was also married with twin sons, even though she was two years younger than Mmegi.

Thaboka always said, “Don’t stress, Mmegi. One day you will meet the man of your dreams. Probably in the strangest way, at the strangest time, when you least expect it. But he is out there somewhere, waiting for you. Be patient. Twenty-eight isn’t so old.”

Of course Mmegi didn’t tell Vusi that! She didn’t want him to think she was desperate. She could hardly admit it to herself, but she seemed to be falling in love with this handsome stranger beside her. In the small, cramped bathroom, Mmegi splashed another handful of cold water onto her face.

She studied herself in the small mirror. “Well, he’s obviously not in love with you,” she told her reflection. “He didn’t even bother to find out your name, nor your cellphone number! And in a little while you’re going to walk out of his life forever. And that will be the end of it. You’ll never see him again.”

To be continued...

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