Shocking & racist advert awarded worst fundraising campaign for 2014

By Drum Digital
03 December 2014

The Norwegian Students' and Academics' International Assistance Fund (SAIH) held its second annual Rusty Radiator Awards.

The organization Feed A Child South Africa received harsh critique for their controversial charity ad "Save A Child".

The group nominated four fundraising videos that use "unfair" portrayals and hinder long-term development.

Social media users voted for the video with the "worst use of stereotypes".

In a live broadcast from Oslo, SAIH awarded this year's Rusty Radiator to South African aid organisation Feed A Child, who made the video.

The video compares poor children with dogs and was labeled racist and misleading.

“This ad illustrates how a good cause and a fundraising campaign can be drawn into the wrong direction. Racism is not just something that existed 200 years ago, it is present both in South Africa and Western countries today,” said Kristoffer Kinge, SAIH’s Vice President and head of this year’s award.

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