SHOCKING VIDEO: Driver rams into pedestrian (Graphic)

By Drum Digital
03 May 2017

This shocking clip of a learner driver reversing into a pedestrian in Zimbabwe has got people asking questions.

Harare -

In the CCTV video, which was posted to Zimbabwe news and entertainment website, the driver is trying to parallel park but is apparently distracted by a tout.

Watch the video below 

The car moves into the parking space but then accelerates up the kerb, where two women are sitting.

One of the women is knocked over and pushed against the wall. The extent of her injuries is still unclear.

"The fate of the woman is not known but it is a sad video. It just shows, you never know," said

The video was posted to Twitter by the editor of the tabloid H-Metro, which is part of the state-run Zimpapers stable.

The reaction of the woman who was sitting next to the accident victim on the edge of the kerb got some people bemused: she stood up and walked away.

Tweeted @mimimuza: "Ko the woman in the red top simply picks up her stuff and walks away like nothing happened!!!!"

But there were suggestions the woman was traumatised by what she'd just seen.

"Trauma can do that to a person sometimes," said @abrahamseda in a tweet.

It's not clear exactly where the accident happened. The CCTV footage appears to come from a local bank.


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