Should I forgive cheating long distance lover?

By Drum Digital
30 May 2016


My girlfriend and I are in a long distant relationship. I call and send SMSes every day but she only calls twice a week. Sometime when I call her she tells me she’s tired and I have to call late. When I do, she is doesn’t pick-up the phone. The last time I was with her, I discovered she constantly calls a specific number. When I confronted her, she confessed to cheating on me and asked for forgiveness. However when I call her, she still doesn’t pick up my calls.


Your energy and love isn’t returned and it doesn’t look like that it will anytime soon.  When a man cheats and doesn’t look like he wants to change, girls always advice each saying ‘tlogela nja’, meaning ‘leave the dog’. This phrase is borne of frustrations, because you are giving and giving, but you’re not getting anything in return. The situation won’t suddenly change as long as you’re the only one trying to work at it. I truly believe you are wasting your energy and time on this. Give her an ultimatum and if she doesn’t change her tune, then leave.

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