Should you take your child for a flu injection?

By Drum Digital
04 May 2014

Summer is still here and most people are not even thinking about winter colds and flu yet. But moms know prevention is always better than cure. Should you take your kids for a flu injection and at what age?

Dr Balin Moodley from the Netcare Travel Clinic in Rivonia, Johannesburg, says "yes". He adds that flu injections are for everyone, especially children, the elderly, those with diabetes, heart trouble, chronic chest trouble and immuno-compromised sicknesses.

“Babies can be inoculated from three months of age. Older people receive just one dose but babies are inoculated twice, a month apart, with half a dose," says Balin.

He explains that the new season’s inoculant has arrived in South Africa and it’s a good idea to have the injection before June. He also says it’s a myth that a flue injection causes severe flu symptoms. “If you’re already getting sick the symptoms can develop further but this happens very seldom.”

The injection costs about R75.

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