Show some #InstaLove

By Drum Digital
09 August 2014

These women are quite different but one of the things they have in common is the authentic vibe we get from their social media shares.

There's nothing more enjoyable than seeing your favourite personalities with his or her guards down -  being made to feel like you're being allowed into a space not many have access to.

This, of course, isn't really true when these moments are shared on social media, but those special experiences are enough to make us feel connected to our celebs.

We've chosen three very techno-savvy, fun celebs to focus on - Anele Mdoda, S'thandiwe Kgoroge and Azania Mosaka.

Don't agree? Just have a look at some of our favourite Insta finds below:


We love that she has a fun, playful side, especially when that side is shared with legends like Bra Hugh Masekela!

anele2How can we be mad at her love for Bey, either?

azania2Azania Mosaka is the queen of fabulous chicery and we love seeing what she's up to and what she wears while doing it.

azania1Henna tatt? Check. Beyonce-inspired mani?  Check. Iconic heels?  Check. Just a day int he life of the lovely Aza.

sthandi1Last but not least is one of Mzansi's favourite creatives - S'thandiwe Kgoroge. Who works vintage couture as well as she does?

sthandi2See what we mean?

We love social media for giving us access to our celebs on a far more personal level.

We just had to show these ladies some #InstaLove.

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