Siki reveals the real Menzi Ngubane

By Molife Kumona
22 February 2017

People don’t know a lot about this man- Siki

Most of the characters he plays a rough and hard, either crooks or very intimidating men, however according to his wife Siki, in real life actor Menzi Ngubane is just a shy and loving man.

Speaking to DRUM recently Siki revealed that Menzi is far from the characters he plays, saying; "People don’t know a lot about this man, one thing many people don’t know is that he is a very shy person. He is loving, the characters that he is on TV are the opposite of him. He is a teddy bear, he is my teddy bear. He is a great giver."

Siki also speaks of how Menzi is so romantic and has always showered her and their daughters with gifts. One gift she will never forget is the Mercedes Benz he bought her in October, 2015.

“On the day he bought the car his friend came to the house very early in the morning and said he wanted to take us to breakfast, to thank me because I was back in Menzi’s life. From the house we went past a Mercedes Benz dealership and we were walking around the show room, I was getting annoyed because it was early and I felt going into the dealership and seeing my dream car and I didn’t have it was annoying.”

Just as Siki was about to walk out of the dealership because of her annoyance she says Menzi took her to the other side of the dealership and that’s when she saw the car with a red ribbon on it.

“I saw the MaNgubs number plate and I almost fainted. I was and am still overjoyed by it. He took time to listen to all the things I said I would want my dream car to have and he made sure they were there,” an emotional Siki adds.

So if we all thought we knew the real 'Ngamla' here's a side we probably never imagined. The couple has been married for over two years now.

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