Simple sleep aids

By Drum Digital
14 April 2016

In the modern world not being able to get to sleep is a problem we all experience.

Whether you’re worried about work, have overdone things on a night out or are preparing for one of life’s big moments, there’s nothing worse than your head hitting the pillow and being unable to relax and drift off and dream.

Help is at hand however; as here are three simple remedies which will aid even the lightest sleepers in their quest for a few hours rest.

Valerian root

One versatile natural medicine for sleeplessness and anxiety is Valerian root. Derived from a flowering plant, it has been used as a natural treatment since the 16th Century. Today it is widely and inexpensively available in supplement form.

Valerian root is a tremendous treatment if you can’t get to sleep due to an overactive mind.

Milk of Magnesia

But what if stomach pains are causing you to toss and turn in bed? The perfect thing to calm even the most unsettled gut is Milk of Magnesia. This treatment has helped indigestion sufferers since the early 19th Century due to its properties as an antacid.

These two treatments are perfect to have in your bedside drawer for those moments where even counting sheep can’t get you to sleep. However sleeplessness for many is a long term problem which requires more than a quick fix.

Vitamin B

Hopefully, these three remedies will help even the most restive snoozers get a good night’s sleep, but here’s one extra tip - if you close your eyes and just can’t travel to the land of nod, settle down with a good book. Simple, but it really can work! © Cover Media

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