Sis Dolly blogs – Keep the big picture in mind to achieve your goals

By Drum Digital
05 March 2013

SO how much effort are you putting into achieving your dreams?  Are you giving 100% commitment and sticking to it?

You see I’m the type of person that knows that I can do anything I want to as long as I really want to do it. The minute it becomes something I “really should” or “really need” to do then it starts to feel like a chore or a punishment.

I’m not implying that you only do the things that you want to do. Firstly, that’s not realistic; secondly if you want to feel successful it’s the challenging things that give us the greatest sense of accomplishment.

So how do we get past the things we don’t really like or want to do?  Simple, everything you do fits into the broader scope of your life. You are a system - the things you do are part of that system. So for me, doing my filing and cleaning out my mail box are not considered the fun things in my life.

And if my goal is to be efficient at my work and spend less time looking for paperwork when I need it or past emails, then I choose, note, choose to make things a little easier by doing my filing on a regular basis. That way it doesn’t feel like I have a mountain to climb every time it needs to be done.

I always talk about exercise because I love to exercise and I know it can sometimes feel like a chore. If my resolution is to be fit this year, I would need to break it down. So, what does getting fit look like? What will I be doing to get fit? Gym? Running? Walking?

And then how often do I need to exercise, for how long and how will I measure my levels of fitness?

You see, signing up for a gym membership doesn’t make you fit. I know right? Sounds obvious and it is, but how many of us take the first step and forget to follow through?

So, go back to the beginning.

Ask yourself why this thing you want to start or stop doing is important to you.   Add the things that you really would love to achieve through whatever behaviour, action or project you’ve selected and then start working towards that bigger picture because the bigger picture is the thing that will sustain you and allow you to be successful.

Primarily, have the vision. It doesn’t have to be a huge details vision. It can be something small you set out to accomplish because it’s important to you right now. And often it is good to start off with something that’s manageable and then build to the bigger vision.

Draw up your vision; look at the steps it will take to get you to have that as your reality. And then set small goals. And before you know it, you will have achieved and feel successful enough to keep going for the bigger dreams!

Find Love!