Sis Dolly blogs: Personal Power and Self Worth

By Drum Digital
06 September 2013

YOU know how it is when you feel you are being bought, but you haven’t named your price yet. In your gut you already know that it’s not going to work out, but you play along, hoping that your worth and your value will be acknowledged and you’ll get the recognition you deserve. And when you finally receive the offer, it’s lower than what you expected and lower than what you consider your value and worth to be. You feel like you’ve sold your soul to the lowest bidder and the worst thing is that it matches your fear of being lesser and affirms that fear.

I was speaking to a group of women recently and I was saying that you need to know your deal breaker within any relationship or context. You need to know what it is that will erode your soul to the point of complete loss of personal power and self worth.

What is your worth and what is your value?  What is your price? Where do you feel like a professional beggar or a high class prostitute? Where are you willing to compromise and can you recognize the places where you are selling your soul to the lowest bidder for the purposes of keeping the peace, keeping the job, keeping up the pretence that all is as it should be?

I’m not saying that you should or shouldn’t have transactional relationships. What I am saying is that you need to recognize these transactions for what they are and know where they are taking away from your sense of confidence and personal power.  You need to be able to identify the places where your core feels tainted and sullied.

And I can tell you that if you’re having a conversation about it, justifying it, or convincing yourself, then “yes” - you are selling yourself short. It really is that simple. You see, when you are giving and receiving your true value, there’s no discussion. Your soul knows that it is right. There’s no nagging doubt, no questioning, no discomfort and no loss of power. It just feels right.

And society has some benchmarks for measuring how valuable we are. It is about how much you earn, how much you know and what you can do. These measurements come in handy when we’re deciding if the car mechanic can perform brain surgery or if the brain surgeon can strip your car engine.

When it comes to the value we place on human potential, courage, wisdom and passion, we need to own that for ourselves as individuals.  Because only when you as an individual decide to stand up, stand out, show up and step into your true worth and value will you receive that confirmation in you that you are worthy, powerful and valuable.

So again, know who you are, know who you are not. Know what you are prepared to give and receive. Because in knowing your worth and value you are less likely to sell your soul to the lowest bidder and more likely to step powerfully into your true greatness.

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