SIS DOLLY – Practice Love Daily

By Drum Digital
17 February 2014

February is Valentine’s month. A month considered to be for love and about love and mostly love for another.

If we presume that it can be about love for others in general, then I wonder what the result would be if we parked the red t-shirts, roses and spending on gifts and, instead, gave love to every human being we met. Stay with me here, I’m not talking about sex, so park your thoughts about orgies and all those other secret or not-so secret fantasies. I am talking about love, just love for love’s sake.

Where you approach another being with love and respect in your heart and hold that as your true being – one who wishes love and respect for yourself and as a result, makes you willing to give it to another.  Imagine that ideal world - where we didn’t feel like we were giving away a huge part of ourselves, but it was more about gifting another person with the basics of love.

Imagine if we held love in our hearts, just held it and stepped into the world every day with love in our hearts.

We are always so afraid of love, of communicating love or wearing love on our sleeves. So I guess it is appropriate that we have created all these occasions where there is an expectation that love will be shown, via gifting of material things as opposed to the gift of love, for love’s sake.

My question is what is the worst thing that could happen if we were able to show our love to each other?  Just from a place of pure authentic self love, each and every day?

You see, love for yourself manifests as love for others when you encounter them. When you truly love yourself, you attract people who love themselves and you engage with people from a place of increased confidence and clarity about who you are and what you stand for.

So, what do you love? And what lengths are you willing to go to show that love? How do we manifest our love for self and others?

And so, as Valentine’s Day rolls around again. It’s much too quickly for most, we have barely got past Christmas it seems, and already there are Easter eggs in stores. And somehow in between, is this milestone that is supposed to signify a day of love.

The question is who gets the love? Who deserves the love? And whom are we willing to give the love to? In fact it is probably the one day in the year when permission is granted to test your love and see if it will be reciprocated.

My invitation to you is to love unconditionally for love’s sake. Practice love every day and maybe by next February you’ll have perfected this practice and then you will truly have something to celebrate.

Wishing you a day, a month and a year of love.

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