Sizwe Dlomo weighs in on Mabala/Riky Rick drama

By Drum Digital
14 March 2017

The music business... Ziyawa elke dag hier! - Sizwe

After the drama with rapper Riky Rick announcing that he is leaving Mabala Noise yesterday on Twitter and then Mabala Noise releasing a statement that they still have him under a contract, as usual social media responded. On of the people who aired their thoughts on social media was media personality Sizwe Dlomo who raised some points on what he feels should have happened in the situation.

"The music business... Ziyawa elke dag hier!," Sizwe said in one of his tweets, he also said that even though Riky may tweet that he was leaving, the most important thing is to look at the clauses in contracts. "Anyway, I hope they resolve all this sh!t amicably... because this is how vultures swoop in to buy you out & further enslave you," he added.  


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