Sizzling six-packs & hunky hotties – reality TV is ripped!

By Drum Digital
27 June 2017

Internet streaming service Showmax has exactly what you need this winter – real TV stars who will warm you up without an electric blanket, if you get our drift

If you are single and too cold to mingle, sign up for a FREE 14-day trial with Showmax and get the best entertainment on your mobile, tablet or smart TV. Showmax has over 25 000 titles in its ever-expanding library, from movies and sitcoms to soaps and reality shows from overseas and right here in Mzansi. Not sold on reality TV being real, though? Who cares! These really real eye-candy guys are filling screens with their smouldering good looks, toned abs and a flash of flesh:  

Maps Maponyane has been in the fame game since he was born but he is his own man. He looks good whether he’s hosting events in a tailored suit or rocking jeans and a bomber jacket on reality parody The Real Jozi A-Listers. But Maps brings more to the table than just looks and dress sense – he shows off his comic timing in this show, and a little bit more thanks to his fluffy white gown…


Everyone knows Kabelo Mabalane aka Bouga Luv the kwaito star. While Kabelo has been quiet of late, that is probably because he is working up a sweat in the gym. He went on a fitness binge in the early 2010s, lost his puppy fat and transformed into a lean, mean, gym-loving machine. You can have Kabs as your own in-home personal trainer by watching his weight-loss and health reality show Kabelo’s Bootcamp.

Most of the Real Housewives of Atlanta are married to mysterious businessmen with a little extra around their midsection. Not Lisa Wu though – she hit the hottie jackpot when she married NFL star Edgerton Hartwell. The sport star is 1.9m tall, 110kg and looks like he is chiselled out of granite. If that’s not enough to make the other wives – and you – jealous, we don’t know what is!



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Soccer isn’t called the beautiful game for nothing. On Football Stars, get an inside look at the sport’s most famous faces – and infamous personalities, like Mario Balotelli. We can overlook his naughty side – like the time he burned down his bathroom while playing with fireworks – because there is something about the bad boy that will keep you glued to his every move. Take your pick: six-pack abs, the latest fashion from the world’s top designers, Ferraris and bling, the way Italian words slip off his lips – Mario is just magical!

Top Shayela A post shared by Refiloe Phoolo ?? (@casspernyovest) on

And whether he’s suited up for a red-carpet event, in shorts and a vest on stage or kicking it in jeans, flannel and trainers on his music doccie Fill Up The Dome, there’s nobody fresher on Showmax screens than music star Cassper Nyovest. If he can’t get you in the mood with his songs, you’re watching the wrong show!

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