Skin bleaching is related to low self esteem says Marah Louw

By Drum Digital
03 May 2017

Mara opens up on skin bleaching

Actress and musician Mara Louw says the concept of skin bleaching is related to "Low self-esteem"

Marah opened up about the subject this morning during her interview on the DJ Sbu Breakfast show. Mara said she feels as though skin bleaching is spitting in the face of God,"When you bleach your skin, what you are actually doing is telling God "I hate being me, I want to be white," Mara said.

The actress added that low self-esteem is what made black people hate the color of their skin.

"Low self esteem made us feel like we were [cheated] because we are black. Even in my time people used things like 'Ambi cream' so that they became lighter, but I don't understand why we are insulting the way God created us," she added.

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