Slikour has a few words for Cassper

By Pheto Ramakobya
17 December 2015

Ask big brother, he knows better.

Ask big brother, he knows better.

Cassper Nyovest got a pep talk from one of the foremost pioneers of South African hip hop, Siyabonga Metane, popularly knows as Slikour about the industry.

Slikour has been around the music industry for more than 10 years and knows the pros and cons of it too.

Last week Cassper lost his cool about the unfair treatment he’s been getting from the industry and during an interview on slikouronline, and the Doc Shebeleza hitmaker continued to voice his anger about the animosity the industry has towards him.

“I have to teach myself to settle, cause now for an indie artist it's tricky, it’s very tricky, because on the panels it’s labels, on the stations it's labels, so there’s a lot of things that we’re fighting and for the crowd it comes across as though I’m fighting the system and the crowd just sees me fighting and then I just look crazy,” Nyovest told slikour.

Big brother Slik understood Cassper’s frustrations and gave him a few words: “Remember that the people who you’re fighting are not the people that made you. The people that made you probably don’t even care about these guys you’re fighting. All these guys you fighting, they’ve never made you and they’re never going to give you the credit you deserve.

"What’s important for you is to leave radio, leave TV, focus on the people. Those guys will be there for you and they don’t want to look at you as if you’re struggling; you’re doing better than anybody that’s being played on radio,” said Slikour.

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