Snapped with Lira

By Drum Digital
20 May 2014

DRUM Beat Concert!

DRUM Darling and musician Lira, who is usually a portrait of joy, calmness and smiles surprised us at the DRUM Beat Concert when she initially declined to do our behind-the-scenes shoot while she sat in a combi backstage.

“I’m not in good spirits right now – I just need to centre myself,” the songstress said. “Please can we rather not do it now.”

With that kind of politeness of course we gave her some space. We did wonder what the problem was, but since she didn’t want to speak about it, we let it be.

A few minutes later, the muso got on stage and lit it up. She gave a stellar performance which left her fans asking for more.

“Thank you so much guys! It’s so good to see you,” Lira thanked her excited fans as she belted out hit after hit.

The music seemed to have healed Lira, because after her performance the star was back in high spirits, even allowing pictures to be taken and a crew filming a documentary to interview her.

She graciously took time to greet fans who were behind a barricade at the edge of the stage and took pictures with some.

“I always love performing. It makes me feel alright,” she said as she left.

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