So how do I know when my baby is ready for solids?

By Drum Digital
09 April 2014

There are certain signs to look out for.

Renowned paediatric dietician and Pampers® Institute expert, Claire McHugh says that there are certain signs to look out for that will let you know that your baby is ready for ‘real’ food:

  • If baby is no longer satisfied and needs milk feeds more often, then consider the introduction of solid foods
  • Baby should be sitting with support and able to lift herself on her elbows when lying on her stomach
  • When baby wakes up more regularly than before for night feeds than before
  • When baby has doubled her birth weight, her diet is ready for a change
  • When baby has lost her natural tongue thrust reflex
  • Babies also begin to show an interest in food when mom and dad are enjoying a meal or snack together.

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