Soccer stars transformed

By Qhama Dayile
23 August 2016

It is no secret that soccer players are known for being bad boys who love fast cars, women and living on the edge.

Look at South Africa’s’ reformed bad-boy Jabu ‘Ngwana wa tshwenya’ Mahlangu, FC Barcelona footballer Luis Suarez and the legendary Diego Maradona.

Many soccer stars are never prepared for fame and get caught off guard when an off-the-field challenge comes their way.

Nedbank Ke Yona recently conducted a ‘Grooming and Styling for Sportsmen’ for the 2016 Nedbank Ke Yona Team Search finalists. The session was aimed at equipping the soccer players with what to expect both on and off the field.

Style icon Baker Frizlaar gave insightful information on presentation, dress code and personal style tips.

Nedbank Ke Yona TV series host, Minnie Dlamini shed some light on being strategic in everything that one does from dress code, speech, presentation and understanding personal branding.

After an insightful session, the players came out transformed and prepared to take on the game.

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