Social Media 101 - FACEBOOK

By Drum Digital
15 November 2013

Don’t come across as desperate or brag . . . and GO EASY on capital letters! Here’s an updated guide to etiquette for the savvy social networker

Don’t boast about how many friends you have

In order to be in touch with someone on Facebook you have to “friend” them. This is misleading. Most people on Facebook aren’t your friends. You’ll never meet them, you’ll never go on holiday with them. If you see the number of Facebook friends as a sort of popularity contest then you need to get out more.

Don’t update your “Facebook status” when drunk

You may put something you regret or insult someone. Don’t “unfriend” someone because the demon drink is playing havoc with your synapses. You’ll have to explain yourself in the morning.

Be careful what you “like”

When you post a status update your friends have the option to “like” it. Some people will “like” everything you post. Be careful not to “like” the wrong things. For example, if someone lets you know that it’s the anniversary of a family member’s death, that wouldn’t be a thing to “like”. Don’t “like” your own updates. That’s just weird.

Don’t attention seek

If you post things such as “Sarah has never felt so alone . . . ” in order to get the attention you never got as a child you should perhaps befriend a shrink.

Don’t be desperate

Don’t bombard people you don’t know with messages and “friend” requests.

If you don’t know them in real life why are you bothered? It’s like asking Meryl Streep to come to your office Christmas party and getting angry when she doesn’t pitch.

Be careful about jokes

You might find a video which you post of a cat dressed as Margaret Thatcher very amusing but your friend might not. Many workplaces now police their em ployees’ social media presence. Try not to get someone fired for the sake of a cheap laugh. You can put NSFW next to something to indicate it’s Not Suitable/Safe for Work, meaning open this somewhere else, you fool.

Don’t ruin someone else’s life

Everyone likes an amusing photo, but not everyone likes having an amusing photo of themselves put on Facebook.

If you’ve taken a snap late at night in a strip club of your married male friend “getting to know” a woman who’s not his wife, don’t use the much abused “tagging” facility. This allows you to name the people in the photograph and automatically post it on their wall.

Don’t ruin your own life

If you’ve phoned in sick, called off a date or made any form of excuse, make sure you don’t ruin it by posting, “Having fun getting drunk on a paddle steamer”. You’ll get found out.

Also bear in mind that what you post online about your holiday exploits will come back to haunt you. Are you sure you want those pictures made public?

Beware “humble brags”

That’s the act of pretending to be humble while actually telling your friends how amazing you are. Such updates usually start “Apparently I’m . . .” For example, “Apparently I’m being promoted to the head of the company!”


- DRUM Reporter

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