Social Media 101 - SMSing

By Drum Digital
15 November 2013

Don’t text drunk, come across as desperate or brag . . . and GO EASY on capital letters! Here’s an updated guide to etiquette for the savvy social networker

Life can sometimes be so complicated. That’s why humans came up with manners and etiquette: simple rules to ensure we don’t drive one another up the wall.

Don’t eat with your elbows on the table, chew with your mouth open or litter – they’re all things you’ve heard a million times. But with e-mails, texting, Twitter and Facebook there aren’t any clear-cut rules because the technology is still so new.

We now have so many ways to express ourselves and interact with the world – and also endless opportunities to cause offence and make idiots of ourselves.

Here are some pointers on how to avoid online embarrassment.


These days we’re bombarded with communication and a lot of it’s unnecessary.

I like the well-known rule about texting – WAIT. Which stands for . . . Why Am I Texting? Add to that:

Check the time

Just because you’re in a bar and awake doesn’t mean everyone else is. Don’t assume you can text at any time.

Dnt txt spk

What makes you so busy? Write in full sentences. There’s always time for vowels but at the same time . . .

Don’t text whole novels

A rough guide is that anything more than 140 characters deserves to go in an e-mail or, even better, a phone call.

Don’t text pictures of yourself in any compromising situations

It will come back to haunt you. In order to avoid this . . .

Don’t send messages when you are emotional or drunk or both

You’ll live in the land of regret.

Don’t text life-changing messages

Texting isn’t for breaking up with someone or telling them out of the blue that someone they knowhas passed away


- DRUM Reporter

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