Social Media 101 – TWITTER

By Drum Digital
15 November 2013

. Twitter is something that can be done on the run and that’s one of the pitfalls. That can lead to mistakes.

This isn’t just the modern system for sending the equivalent of a telegram; it’s also a giant game of Chinese Whispers, Scrabble and Risk all wrapped into one.

Even if you delete a tweet it’s still been seen and could be remembered and used against you

Think carefully about who you want to share information with and consider that it’s probably best not to do it when angry, drunk or both. If you have a tendency to let loose late at night, find somewhere to hide your phone from yourself, like a plastic bag at the bottom of a lake. Follow some simple rules:

Try to be interesting

Beware the needy devil that is narcissism. Tweeting details about your life such as “I’m having toast” or “I’m off to bed” is of no interest to anyone. There are about 400 million tweets a day. Does the world really need to know more about you.You’re taking up that most precious commodity – time; yours and everyone else’s.

Be pleasant

A simple rule: if you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t say it on Twitter.

Think of your own jokes

Here’s your chance to express yourself and bear in mind that famous comedians will get quite cross if you steal their material. They probably have millions of followers and could easily rustle up an online lynch mob.

Make sure you’re on sure ground with a political rant

Have a think before you tweet a knee-jerk reaction to something. Hard to believe but you may not have all the facts.

Don’t pass on gossip

Those who tweeted allegations against the British aristocrat Lord McAlpine when they mistakenly thought he was involved in a sex scandal later had to consult their lawyers.

Don’t be a troll or feed one

Unkind folk on social media are known as trolls. Take the moral high ground and don’t engage. If someone insults you, deal with it with dignity. Don’t start a slinging match. The “Block button” enables you essentially to erase the insulting party from your online life.

Putting LOL or a smiley face at the end of a nasty tweet doesn’t lessen the damage it might do.

Try not to look desperate or weird

Just because you follow someone on Twitter doesn’t mean you know them. Followers aren’t like the ones Jesus had. They don’t actually care about you. If you spend all your time tweeting you won’t have a life. Step away from your computer or you’ll never have anything worth tweeting about.

And if you meet someone whose tweets you’ve been watching, try not to reveal the fact that you know their every move. It’s one move away from stalking.


- DRUM Reporter

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