Social media hackers continue terrorise local celebrities

By Molife Kumona
17 July 2017

To be honest it was basically my fault, I was stupid- Kuli Roberts

By Pam Magwaza

Kuli Roberts, Mo Flava, and Dineo Ranaka are now part of the long list of celebrities who have had their social media accounts taken over by hackers.

"To be honest it was basically my fault, I was stupid!" Trending SA presenter and radio personality Kuli Roberts told YOU.

"I got an email from 'Twitter' late at night and they asked for my information in order to verify me because I am currently not verified."

"They requested my E-mail and password and I immediately gave it to them because I honestly thought it was from Twitter."

"The next morning I realised that my account had been hacked and I immediately contacted to Twitter support and they helped me, which is why I have my account back now."

She added that the lesson she learned from this incident is that is that Twitter will never ask for your private account details for any reason whatsoever.

"It was so late at night that I honestly wasn't thinking clearly, I should have noticed that the Twitter email address that emailed me was actually a Gmail account which doesn't make sense at all," she added.

"Now I am in no rush to get my account verified anymore because I do not want to give anyone any account information of mine. I am an activist so having my account compromised posed a huge problem for all that I stand for."

Radio personality Mo Flava, who has over 430 000 followers, had a similar experience. He told Sunday World that he thought that "this type of thing only happened to the Guptas."

"I sent a mail to Twitter to request verification and I got a response from what seemed like Twitter asking for my password and account details to verify me."

"I handed it over and never heard back. I couldn’t access my Twitter account from Sunday but thought it was a technical issue with Twitter."

"I woke up on Monday and my account had changed. It was suddenly tweeting random promotional posts and encouraging people to do things that I would never ask my fans to do. I spoke to Twitter immediately and they shut it down," the DJ said.

Dineo Ranaka was also a victim of the weekend hack. The reality TV star and designer has over 890 thousand followers on Twitter.

The hacker also sent a series of messages to DRUM and YOU Magazine, asking for access to DRUM and YOU's Twitter account to "tell everyone some big big news".

Her Twitter handle has since been changed to @quote_mood_.

Speaking to Times Live, Dineo said she had been hacked while on air.

"They changed the email associated with my account and then later sent me an email demanding that I hand over my Instagram password. They didn’t want money. I think they just wanted my 891 000 followers on Twitter and 386 000 followers on Instagram," she said.

"It was the last thing I expected. This shows the need for celebrities to be verified to add that layer of security.”

Other famous celebrities who have had their Twitter and Facebook accounts hacked are Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg .

Sources: Sunday World, Times Live, The Daily Beast

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