Social media reacts to Sarah Langa: "tell me what race am I"

By Drum Digital
22 February 2017

It was only a matter of time before her statement/question: "Since you guys are so smart, tell me what race am I?" gained traction, and social media wasted no time in reacting, followers jumped in head first to roast her.

In one tweet she said; "I dont knw where ppl get the right to be labeling other people black, white or coloured," to which effect one follower stated that the fashion blogger simply had a problem with "black" people.

It was all down hill from there, one follower went as far back as 2013 and found something to use as ammo against her. In another tweet she said; "I have no time for ppl who know absolutely nothing about me tell me what racial category I fall under!", then one follower had to ask her about which race group 'mixed race' people fall under, and asked if its the a group called "other", stating that she's never seen the terms "Biracial/ mixed" on any application form before. Another follower asked which racial box her parents ticked when they applied for her to attend a school. Her reply was: Social media just couldn't get enough of Sarah and the fires for roasting kept burning.

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